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Conga Guerrilla Forest (1999) Photo/Foto: Vivian Babuts
  • Title: Conga Guerrilla Forest
  • Holdings: script
  • Language: English
  • Date: 1999
  • Type-Format: play, performance

Conga Guerrilla Forest (1999)

At the end of the millennium a group of women get together to build a time capsule. Believing the prophecies and that the Y2K will end the world, they decide to spend the last days of the millennium building a time capsule for future civilizations. They try to conciliate religion and science. How the destruction of the world, produced by science and computers and the belief in prophecies will come together in one second at midnight 1999.

 There is no video documentation of this work.


icon Conga Guerrilla Forest (eng) (227.02 kB)


At the very beginning, The Conga Guerrilla Forest (Todas las Congas enter walking slowly, we hear “Noche de Paz, Noche de amor”.  Later a Christmas carol, they will be getting ready to take a photo. They are sitting and standing in a family photo style trying not to move while they talk).
Congalia - Where did we start?
Congocha - In Africa
Congeta - Is the evolution theory still accurate?
Congon - I think it’s obsolete. We didn’t evolve, they found us
Conguita - No, it’s not obsolete
Congocha - Nobody knows shit
Conguita - Well, the universe started, not the people, but the universe started in a black hole. That we know for sure
Congangel - Who?
Conguita - Who what?
Congocha - Who knows for sure?
Conguita - We
Congocha - Who is we?
Conguita - We humans, We civilized creatures, who can read a book and learn.
Do you have any idea how many wise scientists devoted their life to find out where we come from?
At the beginning they thought it was the nothing, not even the time and then the big bang occurred, and the universe and the time started. Now we know that they were wrong. We actually started in a kind of noodle soup. That’s what the string theory says.