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Must: The Inside Story (2009)
  • Title: Must: The Inside Story
  • Alternate Title: 01:03:26
  • Holdings: video (HIDVL)
  • Language: English
  • Date: 18 Sept 2009
  • Location: Hemispheric Institute, New York City
  • Type-Format: performance
  • Cast: Peggy Shaw, performer.
  • Credits: Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, producer; Peggy Shaw, creator; Zena Bibler, videographer; Marlène Ramírez-Cancio, moderator.

Must: The Inside Story (2009)

Peggy Shaw performs excerpts from her show ‘Must: The Inside Story,’ a collaboration with Clod Ensemble, London. Conceived as ‘a journey through the shadows of a city, a pound of flesh, a book of love…,’ this piece generates a space of shared and communal affects, such as sadness and fear, but also hope. In the pre-show, Peggy Shaw welcomes the people and leads them into the space, setting the scene for a show that is more an act of sharing – a one-woman show that, paradoxically, is communal. Peggy Shaw’s voice, by both speaking and singing, performs as a source of emotions that are invoked to act as a means of healing. She offers a cartography of her body, a body that can become dust at some point, but that is always leaving a trace of memories. Challenging medical language, ‘The Inside Story' is a way to show internal emotions attached to the body, which are intensified with the presence of a sense of lost. An intimate session of Q&A with the artist follows this video documentation of the performance.


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