Spic for Export (2002) Photo/Foto: HIDVL
  • Title: Spic for Export
  • Holdings: script, video (HIDVL)
  • Duration: 00:59:15
  • Language: English
  • Date: Oct 2002
  • Location: WOW Café Theatre, New York City.
  • Type-Format: play, performance
  • Cast: Susana Cook.
  • Credits: Susana Cook, producer, writer, director ; Julian Mesri, videographer.

Spic for Export (2002)

Susana Cook's "Spic for Export" is a solo performance about memory and the borders of life. "Spic" is the ethnic slur applied to Latinos and Hispanics in the US. In the piece, which explores the borders between the "inner" and the "outer" world, death appears as just one more element of life. The show is organized in a series of monologues that describe the character's journey in search of God, Truth, Justice, Friends, True Love, and True Gender. The protagonist ends up finding the frontiers of the social body, looking for a job, trying to survive in a corporate world. Includes Cook's "Lemon Cookies" monologue.


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Welcome to America
where all your dreams are possible!
where all your wishes come true
welcome to the land of freedom
in America we have freedom of speech!
freedom of religion!
freedom of assembly!
freedom of vaccination
freedom of execution
freedom of pollution
because pollution is a part of life!
like religion and speech!
Welcome to the land of Broadway,
Mickey Mouse and his wife, Lassie
The most beautiful women, the smartest dogs
Turn off the lights!
Let’s all fall asleep and dream the American dream!
You can buy everything you want in America!
all your dreams....!A beautiful car!a beautiful woman!
a beautiful house
a beautiful watch
you could have a small car but....
My car is as big as my heart!
my heart is as shiny as my watch!
my watch is as elegant as my woman!
This is beauty, the beauty of power, the power of
and you want money, that's natural!
and we want the best for you !you don’t want to be left
you want to belong!
Join the party, and hey, don't forget to bring your