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This is how the body remembers. It creates crevices and strange fossils. Encrustations and indentations. A sea of sediment upon sediment. A place revealed.

 X post facto (equis anónimo) is an emotional register for my experience during and after the Salvadoran civil war, revealing an un-avowed landscape. Photography, with its inherently paradoxical nature, helps me record and reinterpret what is both absent and present, both here and there.

 Selected from an archive of over 1,000 X-rays, the 32 photographs of X post facto link me to the faces of those who perished or to the phantom limbs of those who suffered the consequences of violence in my country of origin. Documents turned into metaphor, the images become relics, traces, a signpost. They mediate a site where we might explore the territory of our shared history, in the flesh.