Steve Lambert

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Steve Lambert made international news after the 2008 US election with The New York Times “Special Edition,” a replica announcing the end of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and other good news. He has collaborated with groups from the Yes Men to the Graffiti Research Lab and Greenpeace. He is also the founder of the Center for Artistic Activism, the Anti-Advertis- ing Agency, Add-Art (a Firefox add-on that replaces online advertis- ing with art) and SelfControl (which blocks grownups from distracting websites so they can get work done). He is on the faculty of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Steve will discuss making engag- ing, funny, relevant art and how it can help effect change.

Informação Adicional

  • Location: Hemispheric Institute, 20 Cooper Square, 5th floor, New York, NY 10003
  • Event Date: Quinta, 19 Abril 2012
  • Event Time: 7:00 pm