Grupo La Gran Marcha de los Muñecones: El Punto In-Móvil


Photo/ Foto: Marlène Ramírez Cancio

El Punto in-Móvil

In a city that overcrowds, restricts, fragments and controls, the people of death and the darkness are riding an empty carriage, waiting for their cargo... part of their cargo is nothing more than men who ate other men to be happy.

These men who ate other men had their gathering, lost in the most savage instinct, full of pain and the blood of others. They are the mounds of men who filled with stones since birth.

But in the dark of night emerges the luminous clarity of the fire to provide the contradiction between the wheels of the carriage and the road beneath, where death comes face to face with life until eternity. Then, there arise the pangs of hope, that come together to overcome the daily misery and hungry, wrapped in the guise of death.

Now the focus on life in a rough and absurd terrain becomes a constant that shakes and beats the circle of the wheel. In the end, the fire is driven by strength of the women who will be delivered from evil, where the carriage will not dominate man and will leave hope in the search for his freedom.


El Grupo La Gran Marcha de los Muñecones is a theater group from the Coma district of Lima, Perú.


Edited by Victor Bautista