Gothic Collapse

"Gothic Collapse" - Erzebeth Báthory and Vladimiro Montesinos' Modern Dance

This will be a participatory workshop that is designed for every person that has a basic knowledge of his/ her body as an expressive instrument. The final goal is not to appeal to the technical expertise of each participant, but rather to appeal to the personal and group experience that corresponds to the "journey" that happens during every choreographing process, in this case that of "Gothic Collapse" (2001) choreography by Morella Petrozzi. Each participant will join actively using his/ her body as an expressive instrument with modern dance as the point of departure. Modern dance was defined by Jacques Baril as a mode of corporeal expression that originates in the transposition, made by the dancer through a personal formulation, of a fact, an idea, a sensation or a feeling. In this case the motivation is an event: the fall of Fujimori- Montesinos corrupt government, that ruled Perú during ten years. "Gothic Collapse" thus dances a national modern dance full of torture and horror movements and gestures and, by moments, of a thrilling organization.


Morella Petrozzi started her classical ballet training under the direction of Ducelia Woll. In 1984, she left for the U.S. and graduated as a dancer of modern dance at the University of Western Michigan (B.A. in Dance, 1989) and New York's Sarah Lawrence (Master's in Dance, 1991). She received the Women's Studies Diploma of the University of Western Michigan in 1989. Some of her teachers were Clara Gamble, Nina Nelson, Eugene Mills, Marie Adair, Rose Ann Thom and Viola Farber. She received an award from Pontificia Católica del Perú for the essay "La Danza Moderna más alla de los géneros masculino y feminine" (Modern Dance beyond the male and female genders) and published her first novel "56 Dias en la vida de un Frik"(56 days in the life of a freak). In 1997 and 1998, Ms. Petrozzi danced in "Un dia en el paraíso" (One day in Paradise) by Karin Elmore, "Narciso y Eco"(Narcissus and Echo) by Morella Petrozzi and "Matagente"(Killpeople) by Ducelia Woll. In 1999 and 2001, she taught her course "Principios de Danza" (Principles of Dance) at PUCP's School of Science and Arts of Communication. In 2000, Ms. Petrozzi premiered her piece "Fresh 100% Danza" and was invited by the Council on Dance Lima-Perú to teach the seminar "El Arte de Construir Danza" (The art of constructing dance). In 2001, she premiered "Colapso Gótico" (Gothic Colapse). Ms. Petrozzi co-directs (along with Ducelia Woll) the Escuela Independiente and Compañia de Danza Moderna, DANZA VIVA.