Mask Making

Mask Making and Acting with Masks

Mask making:

Saturday 6th
We will get our personal masks and will begin plastering.
Sunday 7th
We will elaborate with a hand out in which we will specify the process of mask making. We will procede with the modeling.
Monday 8th
With cotton and gauze we will make the mask, each with its negative. On this day four characters will visit us: Ventolera, Machu tusuq, Diablo Mayor y Auqa chileno

Acting with masks:

Tuesday 9th
Performance Behind the mask. Training towards the use of the mask. With the diablos and Ukukus masks.
Wednesday 10th
Training towards the use of the theatrical mask. Improvisation and play with masks.


Yuyachkani is a quechua word meaning Ï am thinking", "I am remembering." Yuyachkani has dedicated to theatrical activities since 1971. The most fundamental feature of the group's experience is to claim for a theater of creation which feeds itself from dance, music, traditions, masks, signs and elements of the Peruvian culture. They have produced 25 spectacles which aims at thinking Peru in theatrical terms. At present, Yuyachkani has opened a space called CEXES - Centro de experimentacion escenica (Center for theatrical experimentation). For the past few years, Yuyachkani has traveled throughout Peru, presenting their spectacles, teaching and getting to know the life and customs of the Peruvian villages. Yuyachkani has always been present at events for education and International Theater Festivals in Latin America, U.S., and Europe. Nuestra Casa-Teatro is permanently open to the community aiming at encouraging experimentation and promoting cultural and multidisciplinary artistic expressions. The Nuestra Casa consists of a permanent workshop for research and construction of masks, a library with texts on theater and Peruvian and world cultures, two show rooms, a video library and an area for publications about Yuyachkani's own experiences and other groups alike. With the occupancy of 250 seats, Nuestra Sala Teatral is used for several purposes where they present their works as well as other theater, dance and music groups from Peru, Latin America, Europe and Asia.