Global Activist Strategies

Global Activist Strategies

1 | FAQ Communication Guerilla. Frequently Asked Questions.
1.1 Do communication guerrillas use ski masks and arms?
Far from any possible bohemian associations that the term "guerrilla' might hold for the traditional left wing fans, or Che Guevara' s pins collectors, the communication guerrilla uses neither arms, nor ski masks or any other military outfit.
The communication guerrilla operates on communication in all directions and meanings. That is its action ground, where the many practices that are performed in the communicational processes are formalized. The communication guerrillas would rather use cell phones and email.
1.2 Is it really necessary to live in the mexican southeastern jungle to be able to be a communication guerrilla?
No. The communication guerrilla does not occupy a stable physical space, neither has a mail address. In fact it does not have its definite own space.
The guerrilla metaphor is useful to define a practice that does not occupy space, because it takes the opponent' s (or the enemy' s) space. It suddenly appears and it vanishes without leaving a trace. It does not have proper names, or leaders. It is rather about a network of autonomous groups that work together which uses mass media tactically to break the power structures that accompany us every day in our quotidian acts.Biography

Zeca Ligiéro is a Brazilian author, artist, director and theater professor. He was a founder and the first coordinator of the Graduate Program in Theater at the Universidade do Rio de Janeiro. He is the director of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics in Brazil.


Las Agencias is not a closed collective group of artists and political activists. It is a movement that was originated in Barcelona more than a year ago. People from different cities and countries - with experiences in intervention art - got together to share a mutual interest: to investigate the ways of making art where the most creative and ambiguous trends of political activism feed the contemporary tactics and artistic techniques. Las Agencias create, grow and destroy themselves in due time according to the projects they are involved in. Thus, the Agencia Grafica played an important role in the campaigns "Dinero Gratis", "BCN2001 - Contra el Banco Mundial, or "La Bolsa o la Vida." The Agencia de Medios was quite important in the gestation of IndyMedia in Barcelona. The Agencia de Moda y Complementos worked on projects such as "Prêt a Revolter" or the "tutte bianche" Hispanics. The Agencia Fotografica develops an important work concerning documentation in collaboration with solidarity networks dealing with migrants in the southern border of Spain. The Agencia Espacial has developed a series of vehicles from the ShowBus to the Video-Bicis or the Bicke-writers. The latest developed projects have been "New Kids on the Black Block"( and Guerra Mítica ( During the summer of 2002, under the title of "Ninguna Persona es illegal"(Nobody is illegal) Las Agencias will develop a project of exhibition and intervention related to migration and globalization issues in Madrid.