Virtual Resistance

Virtual Resistance

Virtual Resistance

Manifesto of Being Human

Human Resistance Movement

Humans! Resist the virus by being-human!

Throughout time, there has always been something--however small--that is unchangeable to the human, an essence, the being-ness of the human, that always maintains itself.

We change, but we do not change our human-ness. We are always being human.This human-ness is not only our materiality--our physicality--but how we embody the world--how we sense, feel, know. While political movements throughout the ages have called for the surpassing of humanity, the superhuman, we know that our compassion, love and our urge to be a community stems from our human-ness.

We must seize and embrace our human embodiment! It is what makes us human!

Now, the age of the virus threatens our being-human. But we must resist--and this resistance is the human! Our life--our human life--has within it the capacity to resist! There is a life-resistance to being-human, and we must use this force to maintain not only who we are now--but who we were in the past and who we will be in the future!

“Life becomes resistance to power when power takes life as its object,” (Galloway) so life is the capacity to resist force. By being human we can resist the force of the virus.

Yet, life is also that which is resisted (resistance - to - life), that against which resistance is propelled. As the #5 is resistance-to-human-life, life resistance is being human! We can defeat the virus by working with our own human life-resistance! We already have the capacity. We must locate and work with it! Resistance-to-the-virus is the life-resistance of being-human!

Retreat from the virus! Autonomy for human beings!

Group Members: Zach Blas, Micha Cardenas, Ana Paulina Lee, Elle Mehrmend, Lorie Novak, Diana Taylor